The Development And Benefits Of Carbon Steel

The Process Of Manufacturing

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Carbon steel fabrication has become a popular manufacturing choice as it is able to be moulded and bent into a variety of different shapes for different functional purposes.

On top of this, carbon steel, also known as mild steel, manufacturing has become a lot more efficient and reliable, with production levels increasing overall.

There are different steps in order to ensure that carbon steel fabrication is done in a way which makes the material as durable and resistant as possible.

Carbon steel construction is a huge benefit for a multitude of industries as it is convenient and dependable.

There are three processes in order to make carbon or mild steel. They are primary steelmaking, secondary steelmaking and casting.

These processes are all different in terms of their approach to carbon steel fabrication, as well as the output of the quality of carbon steel, however, they are all done with reason.

Primary Steelmaking

Carbon steel fabrication can either be made from recycled material, meaning recycled steel, or it can be made in a way which incorporates recycled and virgin steel.

Virgin steel is manufactured by using iron ore, coke which is produced from coal and lime, which placed in a blast furnace.

The iron ore will melt, mixing itself into the burning coke, releasing carbon which will find its way into the motel state of the product.

Lime is used during the carbon steel fabrication process in order to remove impurities from the mixture.

At this stage, there will still be impurities and the carbon level sits at around 4%.

A carbon steel construction will then use oxygen, which is blown into a bass oxygen furnace, oxidising the steel which leaves the carbon percentage at around 1-2%

Carbon steel fabrication does not need virgin steel in order for the process to work as there are other ways of ensuring the carbon level is sitting at the right percentage.

Although primary steelmaking is something which a construction company will do, there are other ways to efficiently develop carbon steel.

The reason for this is that there is a higher demand for better quality steel, where industries want products which can be converted, shaped and bent.

Unfortunately, the lower the quality of carbon or mild steel will result in the lifespan is much lower than more concentrated steel.

Secondary Steelmaking

As mentioned, secondary steelmaking is the process of making steel which is far more refined and gives a lot more in terms of quality.

Carbon steel fabrication in terms of the development of secondary steelmaking has become a bigger market for businesses who are seeking more purified steel.

There has been an increase in the number of steel construction companies who are adopting the secondary steelmaking process as it provides industries with more consistent materials.

The electric arc furnace is used which allows steel to be composed, where the carbon steel fabrication process adds or takes away certain pieces.

Another way this is done is through the changing of temperature which will also allow for steel composition.

After this process, electromagnetic fields are used in order to create currents in the scoop, which will separate the metal and non-metal materials.

At this point of carbon steel fabrication, the steel is primed in terms of its composition, in order to move the next step, the ladle furnace.

Here we see that temperature is key as the ladle furnace acts as a second electrode, allowing alloys to be introduced at the right level and temperature.

As more processes are undertaken in order to get the best carbon steel, the quality and strength of the product will increase.

After this stage, the steel will be left to set and can then be shaped into different objects for specific industry needs.

Carbon steel fabrication in this secondary steelmaking will ensure that the design is able to be used for a longer period of time.


The casting process, if done correctly, will use a continuous casting process, where the molten steel will be poured from a specific height and will allow for more steel to be poured time after time.

The reason this carbon steel fabrication process is done is that the more molten steel the better.

This is down to the fact that as the molten steel hardens and sets, the product is made. By continuously pouring more and more molten steel on top of each other, the product comes out stronger and more reliable.

The use of a casting machine allows for the molten steel to be in the form of sheets which can be cut and will set at a higher standard than if you did the process only once.

Production levels from a construction company will be high as this type of process can continue for days or weeks, without stopping, meaning that more carbon steel can be developed in a shorter time.

Of course, before anything can really be produced, there still needs to be heat and surface treatment, rolling and downstream secondary processing.

Downstream secondary processing is a way of ensuring that carbon steel fabrication is purified enough for use in all industries and sectors.

This allows manufacturers to test if their product will be of a high grade or not, and also whether they will have to change their process or keep it as is.

The better the steel is, the better the products which are produced by them will be, which helps for the overall quality control of all industries.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is a highly sought after material as it can be developed, manipulated and processed in such a way that it still contains a good percentage of carbon, while also holding its shape and solidity.

Of course, like everything, carbon or mild steel has its ups and downs. The disadvantages may make you reconsider acquiring carbon steel items, however, carbon steel construction and its advantages will show you why this item is as popular as it is.

There is a way to use carbon steel to your advantage however and carbon steel construction has increased as the years have gone on, simply because of the that it takes less time to produce and can be used to design a multitude of items.

The list of advantages and disadvantages are malleability, weighting, cost-efficient, less resistant and heat treatment affects carbon content.


As mentioned above, the use of carbon steel allows your construction company to bend, twist and mould your steel into many different forms which can all be used in an effective way for their purpose.

With the invention of CNC machines, this bending process has become a lot more efficient. On top of this, these CNC machines are able to turn carbon steel into shapes which were once thought to be impossible.

The carbon steel fabrication process has made it so that this material stands out from the rest, making it one of the most popular materials to use in many, if not all, industries and sectors.

There are a huge demand and supply of carbon steel because of the fact that it is such a multipurpose item.


Carbon steel, more so mild steel, is a much lighter steel material than other carbon steel fabrications.

Of course, this is down to the fact that there is a lower carbon percentage in this steel than others.

Lighter steel allows for easier travel and mobility in factories, another reason why many construction companies choose to use carbon steel.

Industries from the automotive, pipes and medical fields all use carbon steel as it can be manipulated into different items at a faster rate, improving the productivity of all industries tenfold.


The fact that carbon steel fabrication in itself is much cheaper than other forms of steel manufacturing brings down costs for the entire business.

Using carbon steel is also cheaper as a large number of these materials are made daily, if anything happens to your supply at present, the cost to replace it is lower than having to replace other metal and steel items.

If you are working on a low budget, carbon steel is the best choice as it can be replaced easily as well as being able to be used quite effectively.

Keeping your costs low where you can, for any construction company, is good as it allows you to put yourself in a place to use money in other areas of your business.

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Less Resistant

One disadvantage of using carbon steel is that it is weaker compared to other steels and metals.

Although carbon steel fabrication is a lot more cost-friendly, as well as the use of the item, it is unfortunate that its lifespan is lower, as well as its inability to handle high-stress situations.

Of course, industrial grade carbon steel is made to last longer as well as be used in more industries than other items, however, if you are looking to move a high tonnage you should look to use other steel products.

The benefit of carbon steel is that is it multipurpose but at the same time it is not specific to certain tasks and should therefore not be used in a way where it can break or snap, something which could cause harm to employees.

Heat Treatment Affects Carbon Content

The carbon content of steel can be affected using heating treatments which may make the entire carbon steel fabrication weaker.

Although heat treatments are used to change the way steelworks, the only real thing which is changed in carbon steel is the fact that there is less carbon.

This is, of course, a downfall as the weaker carbon steel is, the less chance of it being able to be used in a number of industries.

This limits the amount of uses carbon steel has, effectively narrowing the abilities of the material.

The best thing to do is to use mild steel in its original formation as this will give you the best grade of steel, with full capabilities and at a low price.

GH Steel develops a wide range of different types of carbon steel products, with their goal being to provide every business, regardless of industry, with the best carbon steel products on the market.

As carbon steel increases in popularity day by day, choosing a business such as GH Steel, who has been in the business of manufacturing and supplying carbon steel and carbon steel products is the best option.

The following products are just a handful of what GH Steel and their carbon steel construction provide:


  • Storage Silo’s
  • Tanks
  • Hoppers
  • Structures
  • Gantries
  • Screw Conveyors
  • Belt Conveyors
  • Air Slides
  • Slakers
  • Piping
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Cat Ladders
  • Skids
  • General Plant
  • Rectangular Tank Work

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