Screw Conveyors versus Belt Conveyors

Conveyor systems are made to increase productivity by transporting goods with minimal effort. At GS Steel Construction, we offer both screw conveyors and belt conveyors. Each with its own benefits and downfalls, the deciding factor depends on the materials that need to be transported. The composition and size are some characteristics that would help in the decision making process.

Screw Conveyors:

Also known as an auger conveyor, it uses a ‘flighting’, a rotating, helical screw blade to move granular materials or fluids. Generally, these conveyors are comprised of the following elements: screw conveyor trough, the conveyor screw, a drive unit, the bearing for the screw shaft and a feed spout & discharge spout. Screw conveyors are commonly used horizontally or at a slight incline to move semi-solid materials like food waste, animal feed, municipal solid waste, wood chips, boiler ash and more. These conveyors can take up less space than others and operate at a relatively low cost. Types of screw conveyors include the Horizontal screw conveyor, Inclined screw conveyor, Shaftless screw conveyor and the Vertical screw conveyor.

Belt Conveyors:

Commonly used to move large volumes, such as boxes and agricultural materials, over longer distances. Belt conveyors are made up of pulleys, with the conveyor belt that rotates around them. These are systems are economical and the most versatile and simplest conveying merchandise, bulk boxes and bundled items. Types of belt conveyors include a Slider Bed Belt, Roller Bed, Incline Belt (slider and roller), Troughed Belt and a Trough Drum conveyor belt. Although quite efficient, belt conveyors offer the disadvantage of taking up a lot of floorspace – more so than any of its counterparts.

How to choose a conveyor system:
1. Consider the size and weight of the materials that need to be moved
2. What is the product made up of?
3. What speed does the product need to be moved at?
4. Will the product’s orientation need to change while it is being conveyed?

GH Steel offers trial-assembly, site erection and commissioning of equipment fabricated within our works. Equipment supplied by GH Steel can be found within and outside the borders of South Africa.

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