Deciding on a company to manufacture steel to your custom needs.

Manufacturing steel is a huge job, especially if you are looking for a custom structure. We say leave it up to the experts. All you need is the information to point you in the right direction. We talk about what you need to ask, what steel the company specialises in and do they pride themselves in customer satisfaction?

What steel does the company specialize in?

When dealing with custom steel manufacturers, check what steel they specialise in and do some research on the strengths, flexibility and durability. Fabrication products can vary from stainless steel, carbon steel, 3CR12 and other exotic materials. If the company specialises in a specific steel you take favour to, they know exactly how to manufacture and mould it.

What questions to ask a steel manufacturing company?

Firstly, ask about the steel fabrication process, this will give you a better understanding of what they do. Ask what equipment they use; this will give you a good idea if the task at hand will be completed within your timeframe. Is everything done in house? This will save you time and money if they company can do it all. Lastly what experience do they have, this will give you an indication of expertise.

Does the company pride themselves in customer satisfaction?

A company that takes pride in customer satisfaction will go the extra mile to make their clients happy and assist far beyond the first point of contact. You want to work with a company that sees your vision and appreciates your end goal.

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