Common Applications for Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has been a part of human civilisation for so long that it blends fairly seamlessly into our daily lives. If you had to try and take stock of everything you come across made from this remarkable compound, you would likely generate quite an extensive list.

There are, of course, those applications that are synonymous with the metal; those that rely so heavily on it, that no other metal or their inferior properties could take its place.

Let’s explore some of them in closer detail:

The Automotive Industry

The automotive industry was one of the first to use stainless steel on mass, being used by the Ford Motor Company as early on as the 1930’s. Stainless steel is used for everything from structural car parts to essential components like exhausts and trims.

This is thanks to its resilience, resistance to the elements and corrosion, and of course because it is relatively lightweight and cost-effective.

The Medical Industry

Because it is relatively easy to sterilise, stainless steel is frequently used for many applications in the medical industry.

From operating tables and surfaces to specialised medical equipment such as sterilisers and MRI machines, stainless steel permeates the health and wellness field.

Food, Beverage & Catering

For the same reasons mentioned above, stainless steel is also popular in the food preparation and catering industries. Aside from being hygienic, stainless steel can also store foods without affecting their flavour. Since it is resistant to acids, it is also a great material for preparation dishes where acidic foods are being prepared.

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