Built with Steel

Structural steel has over the years become one of the most reliable building materials. With its numerous advantages, architects are drawn to its all the benefits it provides. In previous steel had been shunned as a building material due to its reaction to prolonged exposure to both water as well as exposure to extremely high temperatures.

However the industry as well as standardizing organisations have worked to perfect the use of steel in the construction industry. Now all the previously recognised concerns or disadvantages are gravely outweighed by its many advantages.


A huge concern that the people have had was the safety in implementing the use of steel in construction. Steel is generally not a combustible material however, for additional security and assurance to clients, the IBC (International Building Code) has made it a regulation that all steel be covered in fire resistant material so as to increase the strength and integrity of the steel in the case of a fire breaking out.

Although fire resistant material is generally water resistant as well, it is still advised to add a water resistant coat to the steel. This will prevent the steel from corroding over time. Structural steel is ideal for residential buildings as it lacks the permeability for the growth of both mould and mildew.

The ductile properties of steel allow for it to be sculpted into a variety of shapes and sizes. It can therefore be fabricated by bolting and welding as soon as it is delivered on site.

Architects can now make last minute alterations to a structure without having to worry about the distribution of a building’s compression and tension stress. A lot of the new technological developments make use of steel meaning there is an incredibly high demand for steel at the moment.

Over the years the Price for steel has dropped immensely making it readily available at very reasonable prices.

Due to its ability to withstand stress from tension, structural steel makes for lighter buildings.

Now, because of its ductile nature, steel does not age or decay as fast as other materials. There is no limit to what people can now create with steel but one thing is for sure, steel is building a better future.

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