The Best Choice in Storage Silo’s Tanks, Hoppers, Structures, Gantries, etc.

When it comes to end products which are made by fabrication care must be taken in choosing the right supplier. The products should be durable , of good tensile strength able to meet your needs. This means certain factors must be considered before choosing the right supplier.

Previous Projects Done

A proven track record of what the company projects they have done and where can help determine their ability to meet your needs as you can use their previous products supplied as a yardstick to measure their reliability

ISO Creditation

If the company is ISO credited , it therefore means their products are of good quality as they would have met the standards needed.

Company Experience

A firm that has been producing those products for a while is likely to be manufacturing high quality goods as they would have learnt from their past mistake

Merits and demerits of Steel Fabrication

Structural steel has a high strength to weight ratio which makes it suitable for constructing huge structures. It is tensile, ductile and malleable. Buildings made of structural steel have high endurance; they can withstand strong winds, earthquakes, and storms.

The market price of steel is way lower compared to other metals.

Structures and machines made of structural steel require timely maintenance

Steel is susceptible to corrosion as it reacts with atmospheric oxygen to form rust

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